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Morasha Germany is working with young leaders around the country to create a wide range of initiatives, including educational opportunities, seminars, events and Israel trips. These are only possible with your help. Contact us and tell us how you would like to help. Alternatively, please send your donation to the bank as detailed below:

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BAYIT program


Jewish Development

Personalized Jewish learning and development are vital components to our program. We create a program according your needs, learning level, and professional- student life. This learning includes Chavruta with a one-to-one partner, classes with Rabbis, seminars and Shabbaton weekends.

Living in Berlin Mitte

BAYIT participants get to live in the heart of one of the most popular areas in Europe, in Berlin Mitte. Our program provides students with an environment to succeed in one’s career and Jewish development. Accommodation include lunch, fresh vegetables, fruits, bread etc., study space, WLAN and other amenities.

Networking Opportunities

Our slogan is “Be Part of Something Big”. We invite you to join our network and meet Jewish students and young professionals from all over the world. Besides this, BAYIT participants are welcome to join Morasha seminars and events around the globe. This includes national Shabbatons, exciting Winter-seminars and more.


The subsidized price for the BAYIT program is 250 Euro per month. The price includes all program points, including accommodations, food, social events and discounts for Morasha Germany trips.

Professional Development

We provide an ideal, relaxed environment for you to focus on your learning and work, while at the same time, thriving and enjoying the experience.